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The businesses that will get the biggest benefit from using SigningHub digital signatures are those that generate a large number of documents requiring signatures.

Traditionally these have been businesses in regulated industries, such as financial, pharmaceutical/healthcare companies and government departments.

However, today all kinds of businesses rely on signing paper documents, whether it is for internal communications (e.g. HR documents like company policies, timesheets and expenses, reports, etc.) or for external communications (e.g. NDAs and sales agreements).Therefore any business can benefit and the level of cost savings depends on:

How many documents does your business produce annually that need signatures?

How many signatures do those documents need?

How many of those signatories are distributed in different locations?

Do you interact with partners or regulatory agencies, and if so, can digital signatures and electronic submission streamline those interactions?

Example use cases

Example documents which require signed approval and therefore can utilise SigningHub.com varies from business to business but at a generic level this includes:


Partnership Agreements

Board Resolutions

Shareholder Agreements

Letter of Intent

Non Disclosure Agreements

Operating Agreements

Business Plans

Stock Purchase Agreements


Forecasting Models

Cash Flow statements

Business Expense Reports

Profit & Loss Accounting

Joint Venture Agreements

Payment Guarantees

Forbearance Agreements

Loan Agreements

Promissory Notes

Liability Disclaimers


Sales / Marketing

Sales contracts

Purchase Orders


Credit Applications



Sales Plans


Purchase Agreements

Supply Agreements

Sales Reports

Licence Agreements

Reseller Agreements

Agent Agreements


Human Resources


Company Policies

Employment Offer Letters

Employee Info Sheets

Holiday Request Forms

Statement of Work

Sickness Forms

Employee Handbooks

Employee Evaluations

Performance Review Forms

Disciplinary Action Forms

Application Forms

Consulting Agreements

Termination Reviews

Satisfaction Surveys

Training Requests

Equipment Requests

Health & Safety Forms

Contractor Agreements

Confidentiality Agreements



Consultancy Reports

Service Level Agreements

Information Security Policies

Health & Safety Policies

Risk Management

Project Plans

Test plans

Engineering drawings

Technical reports

Project Status Reports

Quality Assurance Reports

Product development Agreements

Equipment Lease Agreements

Delivery Agreements

Product Requirements

Maintenance Agreements

Support Agreements

Change Request Forms


Even if your organization only uses a handful of these types of documents, but relies on paper-based signatures then you could benefit from SigningHub.