Multiple, Configurable, Trust Points

Certificate Authorities (CAs) issue digital certificates to users to prove their online identity. CAs are operated by government bodies, global and national service providers, banks or any other trusted organisation. A large number of high-trust CAs are in operation across the world. It is important that the signing solution recognises these various different trusted authorities to ensure the greatest interoperability for its subscribers. See how SigningHub compares:

Feature SigningHub Other solutions
If the signing solution is a cloud-based service, how large is its recognised CA trust list? 250+ Typically 1 (or <5)
Can new CAs be registered upon request?
Can custom plans be set-up with just those CAs that the customer organisation wants to trusts (rather than the complete list of CAs)?
Does the signing solution provide a built-in CA module if the end-users do not have easy access to a public CA?
Can an organisation have a private CA that shows their brand name?