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Directly request signatures from Laserfiche for contracts, agreements and waivers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM operators can securely sign, verify and send documents directly from their Dynamics CRM environment within the leads, opportunities and accounts screen.

Microsoft Outlook

SigningHub for Outlook 365 enables Microsoft users to access digital signing services to securely share, sign and track documents.

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint customers can securely sign, verify and track documents within SharePoint, thereby removing the costs and hassle associated when dealing with paper documents.

Microsoft Word

SigningHub Word App users can securely prepare and sign documents directly from Microsoft Word without the need to convert word files into PDF documents.


SigningHub for Salesforce provides the most secure way to sign important business documents. It allows users to quickly send, track, sign and verify documents and enables sales teams to close deals faster and work more effectively.



Directly request signatures from SAP for contracts that need to be processed.



Directly request signatures from ServiceNow for contracts, agreements and waivers.



Use the Trust1Team connector to facilitate local signing on eID smartcards or tokens.

ADSS Server Client SDK

This is a useful SDK with packaged API’s to promote simple integration with ADSS Server, e.g. for server side signing or verification services.

Auto File Processor

Prominently used for bulk signing, Auto File processor is a simple watched folder application offering a convenient way of processing large quotas of documents.

Go>Sign Desktop

Enables local signing as a middleware application to communicate with eID smartcards or USB tokens where the signing key or certificate resides.

SigningHub Mobile SDK

This is a useful SDK with packaged APIs which empowers business applications with key SigningHub functionality to support signing capability from the custom business application.

Our global network of 100+ trusted partners, including a significant number of Trust Service Providers (TSPs), underpin Ascertia’s success.

Our collaborative approach, proven technology and flexible services empower our partners’ global customers, delivering a seamless local experience and essential on-the-ground support. As a result, Ascertia’s products and solutions are used extensively by governments, leading financial institutions, global telcos and thousands of major corporations and SMEs around the world. Contact us to connect with your local regional partner or to join our partner network yourself.

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